Hidden Valley Wave Pool

Tired of the beach or the swimming pool? If you’re looking for something exciting this summer, the town of Pinamungajan has something you and your whole family will surely love.

The Hidden Valley Resort in Barangay Lamac, Pinamungajan now has a Wave Pool. If you think the beach is too hectic and the regular pool is too boring, the wave pool at Hidden Valley is what you’re looking for.


Or visit http://thecebuano.com/


34 thoughts on “Hidden Valley Wave Pool

  1. can we have a details of the services of the resort?? like how is the entrace?? the cottage?? is it ok for an overnight?? how much the room.. etc.. thank you..

  2. February 23, 2015
    I visited Cebu and was in Hidden Valley Mountain Resort in Pinamungahan – first week of January. Going towards Toledo City via Naga, you turn left left around 500 meters after passing kilometer 41. From the corner, you need to travel another 7 kilometers to reach the resort. The travel time from Cebu City is around an hour and a half.
    The mountain scenery is incredibly breathtaking. I can say it was worth my vacation time and meager allowance to check out the obscure resort.
    The wave pool and raging river attraction in the mountains is a novel draw for visitors to experience and enjoy real waves – as if one is actually swimming in the beach.
    We also have this atrraction in D’ Leonor Mountain Resort in Davao City.
    The size of the pool is approximately 2,000 sq. meters – the deepest about 4 ft. gradually declining to zero. The wave I was told can go as high as 6 ft. – if the speed is adjusted to super fast.
    The resort management provides only slow and medium waves for the safety of guests – especially young children. Lifeguards are visible watching the swimmers.
    The mountain resort is definitely a welcome addition to the growing tourist destinations in the south – the resort catering to the middle income group and budget conscious visitors.
    I hope there can be more wave pool attractions in Mactan soon – for the budget conscious visitors to enjoy.
    Hidden Valley Mountain Resort – I will be back for a visit soon.

    Alyssa Louise
    4th year, Architecture student
    University of the Philippines
    Davao City

  3. I so love the place. Ms. Ellen Limocon will surely give u an experience of a lifetime. TAke it from me. Been there many times.

  4. Hi! may I ask, how much is the entrance fee and also what time to possibly open and also how is the cottage?
    Looking forward for your immediate reply. Thank You.

  5. Hi! may I ask, how much is the entrance fee and also what time is possibly to open and also how much is the cottage?
    Looking forward for your immediate reply. Thank You.

  6. can i know if how much is the entrance fee…
    i just want know because i want to go over there

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